Hanuman Chalisa Story

Hanuman Chalisa Story

Story and importance of Hanuman Chalisa

Story and Importance of Hanuman Chalisa

An interesting story of hanuman chalisa
The power of the words of Hanuman Chalisa is prevalent since time immemorial. It contains forty verses of appreciation about Shri Hanuman ji, who is the link between the Lord and the devotee. Hanuman Chalisa written by Sri Tulsidas, the author of "Ramcharitmanas" has several important examples of it being a symbol of power as well. It depicts the various purposes of life along with highlighting the death rites as per Hindu customs.

Historical connection
This incident is of the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar in India. On a fine morning, a lady was returning from worship and she touched the feet of Tulsidas ji. Tulsidasji blessed him with immense happiness. As soon as she got the boon, she started crying bitterly and said while crying, my husband has just died and you are a great devotee of Ramji, please keep him alive. Even after knowing this, Tulsidas Ji did not get distracted even a bit and had full faith in his grace. Because he knows very well that Rama will take care of the bad things and his blessings will not go in vain.

He asked everyone present including the woman to chant the name of Ram. Everyone did the same and the dead man came back to life chanting the name of Rama.

When Emperor Akbar came to know about this, he called Tulsidas to his palace and asked him to perform some miracle to test him in a large crowd. Hearing all this, Tulsidas ji told Akbar without any fear that he is not a miraculous saint, only a devotee of Shri Ramji. Akbar got angry after hearing this and at the same time he told the soldiers to tie Tulsidas ji with iron chains.

Tulsidas ji did not give any answer and went to jail chanting the name of Ram. He maintained his faith even in jail and composed Hanuman Chalisa there and recited it continuously for 40 days. A miracle happened on the fortieth day. Akbar's palace was simultaneously attacked by thousands of monkeys. Everyone was shocked by this sudden attack. Akbar was a wise king, so it did not take him long to understand the reason and now he understood the glory of devotion.

At the same moment, he apologised to Tulsidas ji and freed him from prison and sent him away with respect. Not only this, Akbar remained a friend of Tulsidas ji throughout his life. It is believed that Lord Hanuman had blessed Tulsidas ji that all the troubles of the devotees who recite this lesson with devotion in Kaliyuga will be removed. The series of verses in the mantra tells the story of Lord Rama's devotion and Hanuman's dedication. All his acts of such devotion are immortalized in the Chalisa.

His many acts of selfless service are mentioned in the verses, including the time when Hanuman ji carried an entire mountain containing the magical herb "Sanjeevanibuti" to cure Lakshmana. He crosses the ocean in search of Sita. All these acts of bravery and selflessness are symbolic of the power that is contained in these verses.

Power of Hanuman chalisa Creating a picture of an ideal devotee, the Hanuman Chalisa presents Hanuman ji as the ideal embodiment of a devoted devotee. It preaches an eternal spirit of love and sacrifice, carrying God in its heart at all times. Going back to the history of the revered Hanuman Chalisa, it is said that whoever chants the Chalisa in unwavering devotion to Hanuman will receive his grace and strength. It involves miraculous intervention in everyday problems and problems related to evil.

According to Indian history, Hanuman intervened in all the problems faced by Lord Rama. It is said that by chanting Hanuman Chalisa in full devotion, he comes to their rescue to remove all their troubles. The power these verses evoke can bring about life-changing transformation, provided there is complete faith and devotion to the great devotee Hanuman.

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