Hanuman Chalisa Rules

Hanuman Chalisa Rules

Rules regarding Hanuman Chalisa

Rules regarding hanuman chalisa

Keep in mind while reading Shri Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa - Devotees should bear these things in mind

Hinduism has many gods and goddesses, but Lord Hanuman holds a special place in the hearts of millions of Hindus.

According to ancient beliefs, regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa following the right rules can be the easiest way to please Lord Hanuman and seek his blessings.

Table of contents
What is Hanuman Chalisa and what is its history?
Pronounce each word clearly and loudly
Recite Hanuman Chalisa before sunrise
Tuesday is the best day to appease Hanuman ji
Chant seven times a day
Once started, continue the course for 21 days
Don't be in a hurry to read the Hanuman Chalisa
Put a picture of Hanuman ji in front of you
Abstain from consumption of meat and alcohol
Always wear new clothes before chanting
Rules for women reading Hanuman Chalisa

What is Hanuman Chalisa and what is its history?
Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn composed in praise of Lord Hanuman. The Chalisa is actually a small part of an entire epic called the Ramcharitmanas, which was written by Goswami Tulsidas, an Indian saint and poet in the 16th century.

Due to his wonderful works, he is also considered to be an incarnation of Saint Valmiki, the original author of Ramayana. It is actually Swami Tulsidas who popularised Lord Hanuman among the masses by his writing of this Chalisa.

Although there are many types of Chalisa made for different deities, devotees of Lord Hanuman firmly believe that it has a special kind of supernatural and psychic ability to heal a troubled mind.

Hanuman Chalisa is very easy to recite as it does not contain any strong words as Vedic hymns and mantras usually do, which are extremely difficult to pronounce by a layman. It is a collection of 40 chaupais or verses, written in easy-to-understand language, quite unlike the regular Sanskrit shlokas.

Pronounce each word clearly and loudly
You should also be aware of your diction, which should be precise and free of mistakes like skipping a word or two between verses. Many people prefer to chant the Hanuman Chalisa silently in their head, though it is recommended that it be recited aloud for best results.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa before sunrise
When it comes to reciting Hanuman Chalisa, there are no fixed rules. You are free to read, listen or recite it anytime and anywhere. However, if you want to adopt the preferred method of reading it, it would be before sunrise, which would be between 4-5 am. This is called Brahma Muhurtam.

Tuesday is the best day to please Hanuman ji
According to Hindu scriptures and their age-old traditions, Tuesday is the ideal day to worship Lord Hanuman. It is recommended that you start the 21 day Hanuman Chalisa chanting from Tuesday. It is said that by chanting Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and worshiping Lord Hanuman, all the sufferings of the devotees can be removed and their wishes can be fulfilled.

Apart from Tuesdays, you can also chant Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays as it instills confidence in one's heart and helps in removing the miseries and challenges that come due to the horoscope afflicted by Shani Dev.

Shani Dev brings distress, depression and failure in people's lives. That's why reciting Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday has been said to be beneficial.

chant seven times a day
It's up to you, although if you're looking for a preferred way of reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, seven times a day is considered ideal. However, some people also prefer to chant thrice a day.

If you don't have a solid idea of what the ideal chanting ritual would be for you, it can seem a little confusing at first. Don't take too much stress. Just consult a pandit or astrologer and he will tell you with all the details based on your birth chart (or horoscope).

Once started must read for 21 days
There are various rules when it comes to chanting and reciting Hanuman Chalisa to fulfill a certain wish. You can recite it by taking rules for 7 days or 21 days, as both of them are very popular.

Keep in mind, however, that these types of rules aren't for everyone. People like you and me may not choose to follow these rules, but if you do, it is strongly advised that you consult a pundit who can guide you through the details.

Don't be in a hurry to read Hanuman Chalisa
It is a self-explanatory term that does not require any further explanation. When you start chanting or reciting a stotram, shloka, or chalisa, or anything else for that matter, try to avoid instances when you don't feel like reading or listening to it.

It won't work, and Hanuman Chalisa is no different. Thus, instead of rushing to complete it, take your time reciting the Chalisa slowly at a steady pace. Remember, the more accurate and clear your chanting is, the more effective your prayer will be.

Put a picture of Hanuman ji in front of you
If you watch a pandit guiding you on how to properly recite Hanuman Chalisa, you will see that he always points to a picture or idol of Hanuman.

Abstain from consumption of meat and alcohol
Lord Hanuman was a brahmachari, which means he ate only sattvic food. Therefore, meat, alcohol and other tamasic foods are strictly forbidden for anyone undertaking a serious Hanuman Sadhana course. However, you could argue that this rule only applies to those who are under active cultivation practice.

Drinking alcohol or eating meat while chanting Hanuman Chalisa regularly will never give favorable results. If you want the grace of Lord Hanuman then you should never eat tamasic food.

Always wear washed and clean clothes before chanting
This is not a specific requirement for chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, but is considered a general norm for performing any type of sacred ritual in Hinduism. That's why one should always wear clean clothes before chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Although you can listen to it at any time, the rule only applies when you are actively reading it or reading it yourself.

Rules for women reading Hanuman Chalisa
Do not recite Hanuman Chalisa during menstruation.
Do not bow down to Lord Hanuman after reading Hanuman Chalisa, because Lord Hanuman sees every woman as his mother and women do not like to bow down to him.
Do not change clothes on the idol of Hanuman as he is brahmachari or celibate.

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