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About Sri Mandir:

Sri Mandir is a Devotional App which is dedicated to assisting millions of Indians in their spiritual and devotional journeys. It also offers precise guidance to the devotees for worshipping their beloved God.
Sri Mandir App is a no-cost devotional platform for the tech-savvy Hindu devotees. It enables the users to set up their own 'Virtual Temples' with just a few clicks and worship their revered deities directly from their phones anytime, and anywhere.

What we offer on our App:

  1. You can set up a beautiful temple of your beloved God on your Phone.
  2. Perform daily religious rituals like Worshipping, lighting Diya, offering varieties of flowers,
  3. blowing Conch (shankhnad) and ringing Bells on Sri Mandir.
  4. Listen to popular songs, Bhajans, and Aartis of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
  5. Listen and Chant Hanuman Chalisa.
  6. Share positive thoughts with your loved ones daily.
  7. Listen to 'Shubh Mantra' everyday.
  8. See 'pooja Vidhi' (step-by-step method of worship) for various auspicious occasions.
  9. Read Hindu Scriptures.
  10. Read Bhagavad Gita and its valuable teachings.
  11. Read various Hindu mythological stories.
  12. See 'Dainik Panchang'.
  13. See various Ayurvedic Remedies.
  14. Earn 'Punya Mudra' and avail all the other services offered by Sri Mandir.
  15. Get associated with famous Temples and religious places via 'Sri Mandir Community'.

Sri Mandir Pooja Service

In Hindu religion, worshipping Gods is considered an auspicious act that leads to attainment of peace and happiness. Thus, Sri Mandir eases this process and devotees can organise an online Pooja through this application with just a few clicks.
To host a Pooja, the user needs to choose the ‘Pooja Seva’ option of their revered deity and register their Name and Gotra. After this step, as per the available slot, a Priest will conduct a Pooja session on the registered individual/family’s behalf.
Before the Pooja session begins, the names of the members who booked the Pooja will be mentioned to attain sankalp. After its conclusion, the Pooja recording will be shared with the beneficiary (ies) and the Mahaprasad (optional) will be sent too.

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See today's Tithi, Nakshatra, auspicious time, Choghadiya and upcoming festivals in Panchang of Sri Mandir app.

srimandir playstore
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